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Bug#385617: Fallback for dns-issues would help

> > Not sure that's easily feasible. Do you mean leaving the user an
> > opportunity to enter the IP of the mirror (ie leaving him/her the task
> > to actually *find* that IP by some other way)?
> No, AFAIK there is a 'database' somewhere on the install cd, from which you can
> currenlty choose a mirror (from the menu).

No database. Only the debian mirrors host names as of the official
mirror list at the time the package has been built.

This would mean adding IP addresses of these hosts at the build moment
somewhere...which I find pretty awkward (hardcoding mirrors IP
addresses in the installer).

A fallback is probably doing what I was sugesting and, indeed, we
don't need anything more. This is already feasible by choosing the
"enter custom mirror" entry, then put the IP address of that mirror
when prompted for the name.

> > Hmmm, strange. I don't remember Gnome being the default interface for
> > debconf. Joey?
> Sorry, I should have been more verbose.
> I tried it through what I saw as the default installation method, i.e synaptic
> (from the admin menu in gnome). Perhaps it is synaptic that somehow changes the
> defaults. (My comment still applies in revised form w.r.t. synaptic)

I'm not completely sure that I really see the point here, sorry.

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