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Bug#385617: Fallback for dns-issues would help

> During this install I had to access internet through another computer
> (through NAT/ipmasq), and dns resolv did not work (quite possible due to
> me). But it would be great if there where a fallback to ip-numbers for
> debian ftp-servers in situations like this.

Not sure that's easily feasible. Do you mean leaving the user an
opportunity to enter the IP of the mirror (ie leaving him/her the task
to actually *find* that IP by some other way)?

> Another minor issue was that the default debconf frontend does not seem
> to be installed. Please change default or make the default install by
> default.
> debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Gnome
> debconf: (Unable to load Gnome -- is libgnome2-perl installed?)
> debconf: falling back to frontend: Dialog
> Preconfiguring packages ...
> -- 
> Inspection showed that indeed, libgnome2-perl was not installed by default.

Hmmm, strange. I don't remember Gnome being the default interface for
debconf. Joey?

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