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Re: Tests with PPPoE connection

clone 384709 -1
# I haven't analysed the whole bug report, but I'll take this ppp-udeb
# related issues int consideration for bug -1
reassign -1 ppp-udeb
retitle -1 unsanitized output, makes debconf think an error appeared

On 27/08/06, Abel McClendon <abel@alltel.net> wrote:
> > > > > check this out and keep the URL under your hat ;-) if someone
> > > > > finds it.. fine... no reason to publicize it..
> > > > > I am sending a install report that almost mirrors this.
> >
> > Still, the syslog section is not big enough. There should be
> > something
> Ooops, I've seen now the full syslog link. Sorry.

that's OK. here's the filed installation report...


Could you try to produce a verbose syslog like this, but which can
reporoduce in as few steps as possible the "error" which appears after
trying to up the pppoe connection? (trust ifconfig ;-)

That would also mean that you should start a verbose debconf
(DEBCONF_DEVL=5), set the debconf priority to low, and just load
directly the ppp-udeb component, fix the place where the so file is
and run the PPPoE menu entry imediately (without selecting the
language and things llike that).

I'm afraid that the multiple runs of the ppp-udeb postinst script are
a little bit confusing and not having access to a pppoe connection
now, makes things even harder.

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