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Re: Tests with PPPoE connection

(this is back in public)

On 27/08/06, Abel McClendon <abel@alltel.net> wrote:
> > > Things should be easier now, as I have found ou about
> > >
> > > Could you please set DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 at boot time and run the
> > > PPPoE step (after doing the move of the plugin) and send the
> > > relevant log section?
> >
> > this test is _detailed...
> >
> > check this out and keep the URL under your hat ;-) if someone finds
> > it.. fine... no reason to publicize it..
> > I am sending a install report that almost mirrors this.

Still, the syslog section is not big enough. There should be something
starting with "eth0 was not configured. ppp-udeb will bring it up" or
"eth0 was already up". (even if the relevant Ethernet interface for
you is eth1, please make sure you provide also the section with eth0,
if any, even if is long; although I don't think so, it could be
possible I have messed something in the code and probing is done

Also, I see your log is starting with:
"Aug 25 12:55:07 debconf: --> UNREGISTER ppp/password" which is part
of the current detction, but it is too late, and do not slaughter the
log because you are removing precious information (you can obfuscate
the addresses, but please, please, please, do NOT remove sections from
the syslog).

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