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Bug#382129: Beta3 won't boot on OldWorld PowerPC Mac

Does anyone know of an online tutorial, designed for laymen, on how to install and use miBoot?  I'm tech-savvy but somewhat obtuse when it comes to compiling and all that, but I can get through the task (which is kind of fun, actually) once I have enough of a starting point.  Unfortunately, I'm not finding that starting point.

Here are some of the resources I've gathered on installing/using miBoot. There's the debootloaders index pointed to previously in this thread:


A HOWTO document there appears to be very thorough, for those who know a thing or two about compiling/building software.  Again, I'd gladly follow this process, if I even knew where to begin.  I've performed a "make" and a "./configure" and a "make install" before, but only by following step-by-step instructions for building relatively simple pieces of software.

I booted from the CD image I downloaded from the following location:


The image I selected was "miBoot image, Linux kernel 2.4.27 (incl. Debian Sarge installer)".  This is able to boot my PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet 2", but only for a few seconds before the menu goes kaput.  Examining the image more closely today, I've found that the CD is intended to boot NuBus PowerMacs; my PowerBook is an OldWorld, so it won't work for my machine.

Then there's the floppy images (also mentioned previously on this list), which I'm now going to try:


Still, I have to figure out how to make the physical floppies out of these images.  That I'm sure I can figure out, but it's unclear to me whether they are intended to work for my particular setup (an OldWorld PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet").

Again, my purpose in this message is to inquire about some generally easy-to-follow documentation any of you may know of regarding how to install and use miBoot, so that I may then install and use Debian on my OldWorld PowerBook.  I've searched the web using a variety of search engines, and though there is certainly some information out there, much of the resources I've stumbled onto are difficult for the non-programmer to understand.  I would be willing to compose a layman's version of the steps required to get miBoot going, but I need to first understand how to install and use it myself.

Thanks again,

On 8/19/06, Holger Levsen < debian@layer-acht.org> wrote:

On Saturday 19 August 2006 16:17, Aurélien GÉRÔME wrote:
> Sure, no problem and I apologise, which leads me to: how would I know
> you are subscribed? ;)

Thanks for caring! :)

Of course you cannot know if someone is subscribed. But you can know that the
default is not to cc: people and assume they're either subscribed or read via
the web-interface, are subscribed to the bugs or whatever. The list policy
is, that people who want cc:s ask, and that the rest doesnt want cc:s.

If you really really want the sender to be notified, bcc: works better. This
way, at least that person isn't cc:ed on all following replies.

> > > And frankly, come one... miBoot is 10 years old inactive software,
> > > so I think there is no hurry.
> >
> > That's right. But also machines, for which miboot is useful, are also at
> > least 10 years old and get less useful each day^wmonth.
> I did not say the contrary, but I will *not* work under pressure
> from someone I do not work for.

I fail to see what this has to do with anything mentioned above. Noone wants
to work under pressure, especially in a volunteer project.

> > > On a side note, I am also fscked up in
> > > NM without even starting, because someone in the Front Desk seems to
> > > dislike me, even though I maintain 11 packages in Debian, so there
> > > is really no hurry...
> > I don't see, what this has to do with it.
> How would I put it? Lack of motivation, be considered as nothing,
> etc...

I understand, but...

> > But anyway, you're only waiting for an advocate for five weeks and the
> > number of AMs is lower than the number of people in NM - so this is quite
> > natural.
> No, I am not, I am stalled in NM by Christoph Berg.

from your reply (and Frans too) it seems you haven't asked Christoph if he's
willing to reevalute the sitation or how he came to that conclusion in the
first place.

Because, the procedure you're in is new, checking if NMs have done any work
before, has only been done like this since very recently. So if you would
have given feedback, maybe the form-mail can be improved - I guess it says
something like "we've put you on hold, please inform us if you think this is
not correct or not correct anymore" - but maybe the last sentence is missing
or whatever.

But, whining doesnt help for sure. Especially in an unrelated thread. It is
much more likely to bring you into a bad light then to actually change that

> > That said, I dont understand the comment on your application ("on hold
> > until 2006-11 waiting for visible activity") either, if you maintain 11
> > packages in debian :-) Did you ask Myon why he made that comment?
> Because there is no so-called "visible activity" of me on
> mailing-lists, on Google, and on the BTS... I still fail to see why
> I cannot be in the state "waiting for AM" which I would be satisfied
> with if it was the case...

Disclaimer: I'm in NM myself too :) But as said before: if only you had asked
instead of complaining. I guess the answer is simple: the distinction is
done, to make Frontdesk life easier: NMs marked "on hold" and "waiting for
AM" are both waiting for AM, only that those on hold are not ready yet. (And
thus don't need to be considered when a spare ressource, an AM, becomes

If Christoph would have thought you're not suited (yet) to become a DD you
would have got the status "rejected". But you're on hold and you've picked up
packages since then. Whooohoo! Tell that to frontdesk, instead of

As said: this is a more or less educated guess.

> > > I asked Christian Perrier to add my account to the d-i Alioth project
> > > to work on miboot targets and miboot-installer.
> > You don't need an account to do the work. The svn allows anonymous
> > checkouts, so you can work on it and provide patches, which other people
> > will hapily commit (with crediting you) if they work. I very certainly
> > would/will.
> Oh, come on, I hope you will not ask me to send patches like a dog
> following his master, as d-i people did with Sven...

Oh come on, do you really think you made a good impression with that comment.
I would say the opposite is true :(

> They are 149 d-i
> members, why can it not be 150?

Most all of them sent many patches before they got commit access. There are
exceptions, but the general rule is like this. To give one prominent example:
g-i was pretty usable before the first commit to svn was allowed.

> OK, thanks to put it that way, so I am awaiting an account to work
> on miBoot support in Debian Installer.

Don't just wait. Do useful work and you will see people will come to you,
asking you to join. But without evidence, that a.) you work well and b.) you
work well in this team, it's quite unlikely you will get access just because
you asked.

Or you might explain what you could do with svn _write_ access what you cannot
do now. But I asked you that in the previous mail already :) If you need help
with building d-i (do you want svn write access to use the
autobuild-feature?) or testing (do you want svn write access so that your
changes get tested by more people?), just send a mail to this list and people
_will_ help you very fast.


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