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Bug#382129: Beta3 won't boot on OldWorld PowerPC Mac

On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 03:15:21PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> please don't cc: me - I'm subscribed to both lists, it's against the mailing 
> lists code of conduct (something you agree on when joining debian..) and it's 
> annoying. Thanks.

Sure, no problem and I apologise, which leads me to: how would I know
you are subscribed? ;)

> > And frankly, come one... miBoot is 10 years old inactive software,
> > so I think there is no hurry.
> That's right. But also machines, for which miboot is useful, are also at least 
> 10 years old and get less useful each day^wmonth.

I did not say the contrary, but I will *not* work under pressure
from someone I do not work for. I only say Benjamin was inactive with
miBoot for a long time, because he does not use it personally anymore
and he is not paid by IBM to work on it. (His own words if I dig in
my private mails from 2 years ago...)

> > On a side note, I am also fscked up in 
> > NM without even starting, because someone in the Front Desk seems to
> > dislike me, even though I maintain 11 packages in Debian, so there
> > is really no hurry...
> I don't see, what this has to do with it. 

How would I put it? Lack of motivation, be considered as nothing,

> But anyway, you're only waiting for an advocate for five weeks and the number 
> of AMs is lower than the number of people in NM - so this is quite natural. 

No, I am not, I am stalled in NM by Christoph Berg.

> That said, I dont understand the comment on your application ("on hold until 
> 2006-11 waiting for visible activity") either, if you maintain 11 packages in 
> debian :-) Did you ask Myon why he made that comment?

Because there is no so-called "visible activity" of me on
mailing-lists, on Google, and on the BTS... I still fail to see why
I cannot be in the state "waiting for AM" which I would be satisfied
with if it was the case...

> > I asked Christian Perrier to add my account to the d-i Alioth project
> > to work on miboot targets and miboot-installer.
> You don't need an account to do the work. The svn allows anonymous checkouts, 
> so you can work on it and provide patches, which other people will hapily 
> commit (with crediting you) if they work. I very certainly would/will.

Oh, come on, I hope you will not ask me to send patches like a dog
following his master, as d-i people did with Sven... They are 149 d-i
members, why can it not be 150? Am I a monster who will destroy d-i
SVN repository on a whim?... Hell, no! :( I like Debian too much to
do that.

> > I am also really afraid to interact with Frans, because I would rather
> > not be treated as dipshit like Sven was. :(
> Frans is a nice guy. Just don't constantly throw dipshit like Sven did and 
> neither Frans nor anybody else will treat you badly.

OK, thanks to put it that way, so I am awaiting an account to work
on miBoot support in Debian Installer.

> (Sven is a nice guy, too. But... ...I'm tired of this discussion so I wont go 
> into more detail here. I feel I've said too much already.)


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