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Re: Changes in linux-ntfs affecting the name of d-i udeb.

David Martínez Moreno wrote:
> 	Hello, d-i developers.  I have just uploaded linux-ntfs 1.13.1 to unstable, 
> and this affects to you because of:
> [...]
>      - Removed completely fake ntfstools package, as it was a dummy one in
>        sarge.  Thanks to Stefan Huehner for noticing (closes: #369106).
>      - While at it, renamed ntfstools-udeb to ntfsprogs-udeb for consistency.
>        Added Provides: ntfstools-udeb, trying to ease transitions.
> [...]
> 	fjp was warned of this thing, and this is only a side note to exercise his 
> memory. :-)  Also, it was not clear if 'Provides: ntfstools-udeb' would be 
> necessary, and Colin suggested me to put it into CONTROL section.

It will be necessary at least until partman-partitioning is updated to
depend on the new package name instead of on ntfstools-udeb as it does now
(on some architectures).

see shy jo

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