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Re: Boot problem after flasing, led is not green.

Jean-Pierre Broeders wrote:
> I have a problem after i flashed for the last time using this manual:
> http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/
> After is flashed "debian-sda1.bin", I shutdown the power and connect my
> usb harddisk. When I power my nslu2 the only green led (also after some
> couple of hours) i see is the transfer led. The ready/status is orange.
> I tried to log in with SSH, but it also doesnt work.
> What can be wrong?
> Or am i forgotten something?

An amber status led and green network led is actually normal for a
running nslu2 system with debian on it right now (just checked mine).
We haven't sorted out the necessary stuff to turn the status and disk leds

ssh not working of course indicates a problem. Can you ping the system?

see shy jo

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