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Bug#379521: Install report, focusing on Hebrew l10n issues

> Some installer screens are not translated. But most of them are in
> Hebrew and it works really nicely too!

Actually the translation ratio in D-I is worrying, though:

Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 1350 translated messages, 115 fuzzy translations, 55 untranslated messages.

This is less than 90% translation ratio. There is *no guarantee* that
we will keep Hebrew in Etch if this is not raised before the release.

> There is a screen to choose locale for Hebrew, It's not translated and I
> think it makes more sense to default to the he_IL.UTF-8 locale all the
> time. There is very little reason to use the default he_IL locale.

I haven't seen any such screen during a default install of a base
system (*not* standard system) performed in Hebrew.

The installed system is localized in Hebrew with he_IL.UTF-8. I even
verified that the root environment is *not* localized in Hebrew, which
is intended because of the rendering problem that could come at the

In short, my own test of an Hebrew install with the daily built
netinst ISO is a complete success.

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