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Bug#379521: Install report, focusing on Hebrew l10n issues

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 24 July 2006 03:30, Baruch Even wrote:
>> It fails to install during mkinitramfs with the error:
>> Cannot create /target/etc/mkinitramfs/initramfs.conf: Directory
>> nonexistent
> I'm going to need the syslog from that installation as I cannot reproduce 
> this.
> Could you switch to VT2 before the base-installer phase (e.g. during 
> partitioning) and add a 'set -x' in the file:
> /var/lib/dpkg/info/base-installer.postinst
> You should be able to get the /var/log/syslog off the machine using the 
> option "Save debug logs" option. Please send it gzipped.

Looking now it seems that I've mistakenly still run the weekly build iso
and not the netinst daily build iso.

I'll check that again and get back to you.


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