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Bug#379513: Installation Failure

On Monday 24 July 2006 03:57, Trevor de Stigter wrote:
> When running in expert mode the installer says that the i82365 (for the
> Cirrus logic chip which i think is used on the particular machine as
> the io controller for the pcmcia port) is needed

OK, so the module is needed.

What is the output if you try to load it manually (modprobe i82365) from 

Note that there is probably very little we can do to resolve this. This 
sounds like possibly a kernel issue and the 2.4.27 kernel is no longer 
Your best chance is probably to try to setup the network manually from 
VT2, but that implies that you know which steps to follow...

If you are willing to install Etch instead of Sarge, you could try the 
floppies availably from [1], which use a 2.6 kernel. These floppies are 
still under development, but have resulted in successful installs.
You probably need the net-drivers-extra-2.6.img driver floppy (besides the 
boot and root floppies).

[1] http://www-timc.imag.fr/Sylvain.Ferriol/debian/d-i/i386/

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