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Bug#379512: partman doesn't always guess right geometry, doesn't allow geometry to be specified

Package: partman

Installing from the floppies here: testing/main/installer-i386/20060304/images/floppy/

partman doesn't always guess the correct geometry when partitioning and there is no valid partition table. This causes grub to fail after reboot on systems where the guessed geometry is not appropriate (i.e. CHS-only BIOSes). In my case, the correct geometry is 2100/16/63, and partman guesses 131/255/63 (which is the kernel's logical geometry). There is no way to tell partman what geometry to use. It is possible to work around by using fdisk to create a blank partition table with the correct geometry before starting partman.

partman should at least offer the choice between the kernel's physical and logical geometries when creating new partition tables, but the ability to enter a geometry would be best.


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