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Bug#379513: Installation Failure

Package: installation report

Boot Method:  Floppies (Machine no longer has CD)
Image version: March 2005 image files downloaded from www.debian.org July 2006.
Date: 24 July 06 10:30 NZST

Machine:  Acer Acernote Nuovo Notebook
Processor: Pentium 166M
Memory:  48Mb
Partitions:  Did not get to the stage of partitioning HD
Network Card:  D-Link DFE-650TXD 10/100 Mbs PCMCIA Adaptor

Installation Checklist
Initial Boot worked OK
Configure Network Hardware: Error.
Disc was verified and all modules appeared to load,
Then Detecting Network hardware reported error while running modprobe -v i82365. This machine previously ran the testing version of Sarge, but I managed to corrupt the installation during an update so I shut it down and used another machine, but I now wish to reactivate it with the current version of Debian.

Trevor de Stigter

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