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Bug#379485: preseed exim4 template for desktop+laptop class to local delivery

maximilian attems wrote:
> rationale:
> either webmail or pop3/imap via thunderbird/evolution are the highest
> probable case for laptop+desktop user.
> expert user will want anyway better configurability
> of the exim4 configs.
> exim4, popularity-contest and xorg warning were the only templates
> that prompted irc.

Preseeding or otherwise avoiding questions is entirely out of scope for
tasksel. The only two possible solutions are:

1. Fix the package to not prompt at high priority if there is a
   reasonable default.
2. Switch to using some other package instead (for example, postfix).

Note that exim4 is not part of either the laptop or desktop task, but
instead is part of the standard system.

see shy jo

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