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Re: ppp-udeb debconf translations and D-I "levels"

(Keeping Marco CC-ed as I don't know if he is listed)

On 15/07/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
Marco, Eddy and D-I team,


Recent ppp package versions have bringed an enhanced ppp-udeb package
which allows configuring a PPPoE connection for the installer. Thanks
a lot for this work.

It was my painful pleasure ;-)

This definitely seems to be a very interesting feature. I don't know
whether Frans will be OK to include it as a more "standard" component
of D-I (currently, being optional, it has to be explicitely added when
using D-I at medium priority) but this seems quite likely to happen at
some moment.

Note that the current thing still needs some polishing, see the
ppp-udeb.todo file (I hope Marco hasn't killed it, well, without
fixing those ;-)

And, even if that does not happen, this means that we will have to
deal with translations.

Given the current priority, I think that this package belongs to our
"level 5", which collects things that display translatable stuff only
on some kind of installs.

Fair enough

Including the ppp source package to packages that are on the radar of
translators will immediately trigger a lot of bug reports with debconf
translation updates.

Usually, to avoid bothering the main maintainer too much with such
stuff and also to give a good reactivity to translators work (they
like it), we often have someone who acts as a "translation helper"
and, in agreement with the maintainer, is allowed to handle l10n bug
reports and commit fixes in the package's VCS repository.

I am willing to centralise these, but Marco, AFAIK doesn't use a SCM
for ppp's maintainance (or at least a public one).

In the case of the ppp package, it would be good to have this
working. Of course that needs Marco's agreement and...a volunteer.

Anyway, even if Marco prefers keeping his hands only on the ppp
package development, we would be interested to know about
CVS/SVN/whatever access so that our localisation stats pages can
immediately reflect pending changes [1].

that would be nice for translators.

May I ask for you advices about all this?

Eddy is CC'ed to this message to get attention, but no need, I think
to keep him CC'ed. Same for me. Marco, I'm not sure whether you're
subscribed to debian-boot, hence the CC.

I am listed on both boot and i18n, so there's no need for CC in my case.

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