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Re: ppp-udeb debconf translations and D-I "levels"

On Jul 15, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:

> I'm not sure.
> Including it by default also means pulling in the dependencies (total 
> installed size ~0.5 MB).
Which dependencies? ppp-udeb is 100 KB.
Anyway, it would be useful to know this now. Either ppp-udeb goes in an
install image or we save the effort of developing it, since installing
base will provide ppp.

> More importantly, running the menu item included in the udeb [1] currently 
> generates a huge error if no concentrators are found and leaves my 
> network configuration completely broken afterwards (running netcfg again 
> does not fix it).
I suppose that Eddy can fix this...

> It seems to me that the changes also make the new version of the udeb less 
> suitable for installations using a "real" modem. However, I'm not sure as 
> I've never tried an installation using a real modem.
It never worked, since chat(8) has never been part of the package.
But it could be made work by creating the appropriate configuration


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