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Re: OldWorld Mac-specific problems; perhaps drop?


On Friday 14 July 2006 14:55, Rick Thomas wrote:
> This bug (258545) can be closed as "wont fix".  It's not reasonable
> (or possible -- I think) to do what I wanted and what your revised
> bug title asks for. 

We can detect hfs-partitions, thats where bootx lives. os-prober already does 
this. Now the thing left to do is to find bootx :) IIRC (please correct / add 
more details) it's in a directory called bootx? And there is a bootx binary 
of which name?

> What has been done recently (making d-i install 
> quik instead of yaboot on OldWorld machines, and accommodating BootX
> users by making "install bootloader" skip-able in "expert" mode) is
> an acceptable substitute.

Ok, if it's not possible to detect an existing bootx installation, what I 
somewhat doubt, I'll close it then. But first I'll wait for your reply :)

> > Please provide a patch for a better wording.
> I don't believe it's reasonable to ask for changes to BootX, but
> that's where the bug is.  The wording in the d-i message is fine the
> way it is.  Sorry if I made it sound that there was something wrong
> with d-i.

Ah, ok :)


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