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Re: G-I - Test results for mini.iso based on 2.8.18 libs

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 04 July 2006 16:07, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:


-If a checkbox inside a row has focus (small circle around it with many
common GTK themes of GTK default theme) <ENTER> or <SPACE> key pressure
toggles the check and, to go forward, the user has to TAB until the
"OK" button receives the focus and then he can use <ENTER> or <SPACE>
to activate it.

IMO <ENTER> should still activate the Continue (OK) button in this case (or whatever button is defined as the default button).

I think this can be done easily (i did something like that for the <ESC> button, whose pressure simulates a click on the "BACK" button). I wonder if we'll ever need to use the <ENTER> key for something else (like multi-line text editing widget) ?

-If no checkbox has focus, then an <ENTER> or <SPACE> key pressure
activates the "OK" buton while no check is toggled.

<SPACE> should not activate the Continue (OK) button, unless the Continue button itself has the focus.

Ok, i'll submit a new patch today (of course, nothing has been patched yet in SVN).



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