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Bug#352914: AW: Bug#352914: yaboot-installer tries to search for apple partitions on ibm rs6k/pseries hardware

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 08:10:55PM +0200, =?UTF-8?Q? N=C3=B6lle,?= Christian wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> >> Yes, that is the case. System is booting up fine, entering the installer and
> >> autoselecting the first step in the d-i menu. And so forth, as described.
> > Have you tried it on something else than apple hardware ? 
> > yaboot-installer also fails on ibm js21 blades and other power5 boxes.
> No apple hardware, it is an IBM OpenPower 720 ;) Bit bigger than an apple ;)

Indeed, it was addressed at Colin, not you.

Can you please try :




or the vmlinuz-chrp.initrd if this one is built by the daily build stuff.

The -2 stuff is if you use hvc0 as serial console, and cannot provide the
console=hvc0 argument on the command line, like seemed to be the case on the
js21 blades.


Sven Luther

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