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Work on tasksel's language tasks

As some have noticed if they follow SVN commits on IRC or by mail, I
began a work on tasksel's "language" tasks.

This work is mostly aimed to rationalise these tasks:

- add openoffice.org-l10n-xx if available and installable
  (OOo is part of the desktop installs)

- add openoffice.org-help-xx for the same reasons

- add kde-i18n-xx (same tests, same reasons)

- add firefox-locale-xx (Firefox is in the default desktop task)
  replace mozilla-firefox-locale-xx by it (this is a dummy transition package)

- remove mozilla-locale-xx (Mozilla is not....)

- add fonts from ttf-indic-fonts to the tasks for Indic languages

This involves adding tasks for some languages that didn't have one
yet. An old pending bug report fixed by Joey Hess already did so, but
things have changed in the meantime.

So, for translators, tasksels tasks translation is a fast moving
target these days. You can continue to cope with that translation on a
daily basis (I will not change)...but be prepared to do it several
times..:-). Be careful about "fuzzy matching" which happens when we
regenerate the PO files. Given that strings are all closely identical
you'll end up with fuzzy strings which already contain a translation
approxiamted by this method. For instance "Thai desktop environement"
could perfectly be translated to "Turkish desktop
environment"...:-). So, CHECK THINGS TWICE before unfuzzying strings.

I'm opened to any suggestion of things to add to language tasks. I
already have a few ideas:

-suggest to add ttf-dejavu in the desktop task. Actually, this very
 good font is the basis of the graphical installer as it is suitable
 for many languages


PS: Gnome translations are not mentioned here as they are shipped
    along with Gnome and not in separate packages, as far as I know.

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