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Status of LVM/RAID in d-i?

I'm just looking at the changes in LVM and RAID and I'm wondering what the 
status is. How well has the new code been tested?

A fairly quick test using the current daily for LVM shows at least three 
important errors. As we will now be moving towards a new beta release, it 
would be nice to have things stable again fairly quickly.

1. partman-auto-lvm no longer works
If I choose that option there is no error, but nothing actually happens. 
After some time the main partitioning screen is shown, but no new 
partitions have been created.

2. test for existing physical volume name is broken
After entering a name for a physical volume I always get a screen saying 
the name is already in use.
The problem seems to be in this code in choose_partition/lvm/do_option:
        # Check whether the VG name is already in use
        if vgs "$vg" > /dev/null 2>&1; then
                db_set partman-lvm/vgcreate_nameused "false"
                db_input high partman-lvm/vgcreate_nameused

If I try that test from the console:
# vgs newname
  Volume group "newname" not found
# echo $?

I also wonder if the templates asking for the VG name and showing this 
error should not be "critical" as no default exists.

I would expect there are probably other, similar errors in the code.

3. formatting error on confirmation screen for partition changes
The header "The following partitions..." is misaligned.
See: http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/partman-lvm_confirm.png


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