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Re: [D-I] Proposal to reorganize levels for D-I translations

(I keep the crossposting as I think that Joey does not read -i18n)

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> On Thursday 08 June 2006 18:45, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > level 3
> > -------
> >
> > New definition:
> >  All packages that display something translatable during default
> >  priority installs of the desktop task
> Shouldn't that be "any task available for installation in pkgsel/tasksel" 
> instead of only the desktop task? I would add at least the laptop task.

Actually, from Joey's comments, I'm tempted to add the laptop task,
but not others. I would say that other tasks templates are better
being listed in level 4 or 5 (after more thinking I would put other
tasks in level 4 then push what I initially put in level 4 to level 5).

The rationale of doing "two classes" for the tasks is that the real
target of l10n work are more likely to be end users which most often
will choose the desktop and laptop tasks.


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