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Bug#368294: debian-installer: "go back" "continue" are the same if ROOT(/) not selected

reassign 368294 partman
severity 368294 minor

> To the compliment for the debian-installer, it can be used as a
> replacement of commercial tool (partiton magic e.g.). E.g when you buy
> a new hard drive and just want to paritiion all as needed.
> In these cases, there is no need to select root(/) partition.
> The choices could be better labelled as:
>   go back      (to the partitioner)
>   return menu  (to the Debian installer main menu)
> The current choices "go back" and "continue" are redundant and
> give not enough control what to do next.

These "buttons" are standard to the interface and cannot be changed on
some screen, so changing their wording wouldn't make sense.

What I only see is adding something in the text itself, explaining
what will happen when choosing this or that option but this is indeed
against all our writing rules which should not refer to the interface
(which may vary from the graphical version of the installer to a
text-only version, without even dialog boxes).

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