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Bug#368300: g-i not showing accents above capital letters

> I used daily businesscard cd image version 20060517 on my i386 box.
> When installing in gui mode with Czech or Slovak language, capital
> letters with accents were displayed without accents. E.g. latin
> capital letter C with caron was displayed only as latin capital letter
> C.
> This happens only with the text displayed on the grey background, i.e.
> the surrounding help texts, not in the input area (menu items).
> Small letters are displayed correctly. Also in the text installer
> everything is displayed perfectly.
> It might be just that the line height is too small and the accents
> above capital letters get cropped?

Frans (he will soon be away for a moment), Davide, others, have we
agreed about which package we should assign reports that are obviously
issues with G-I and font combination and the like?

I would say cdebconf-gtk-udeb but I'd better asking before doing it.

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