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Re: lvmcfg changes

* David Härdeman <david@2gen.com> [2006-05-20 11:09]:
> o Using lvs/pvs/vgs instead of vgdisplay + grep
> 	The former have an output which is optimized for script parsing
> 	which the latter doesn't. I've verified that lvs/pvs/vgs are present
> 	in the sarge lvm2 packages. As for lvm1 support, I can't verify 
> 	that it is supported by vgs/lvs/pvs. [1] seems to suggest that 
> 	it is in fact supported (see the first example).

Quite honestly, I'd just drop lvm1 support anyway.

> o partman-lvm and lvmcfg split
> 	Later it might make sense to merge lvmcfg into partman-lvm. tbm 
> 	hinted on IRC that arch's without partman usually have no need 
> 	for lvm either. Is partman not working on all archs? Does it 
> 	matter?

Yeah, partman doesn't work on a number of architectures, e.g. SGI MIPS
machines.  However, I doubt it matters a lot if LVM is available for
them or not.
Martin Michlmayr

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