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Re: distributed version control systems

On Friday 19 May 2006 06:10, Sven Luther wrote:
> Also, there is another thing to consider, i will need to do some
> nobootlaoder changes in the near future, before we can release the new
> version of the pegasos firmware, so that debian will not break on it
> (and since we ship those boxes with debian on it, ...), and i will
> possibly not be able to wait while all of you are taking post-debconf
> vacations in mexico :)

So, submit a bug report with a patch and I'm sure that Colin or Joey will 
apply it promptly. If not, feel free to remind them on IRC.

nobootloader is such a simple udeb that I can hardly imagine that it will 
be a major patch.
Testing changes is entirely possible without committing them. I routinely 
do so before I commit anything.


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