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Re: [RFR] Proposal for installs without network connection

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> Template: apt-setup/use_mirror
> Type: boolean
> Default: true
> Description: Use network mirror?
>  The next step of the installation will be to install additional packages
>  based on tasks. As you are installing from CD-ROM, you have the option to

"from a CD-ROM"

>  use a network mirror as source to retrieve packages in addition to those
>  available on the CD-ROM.
>  .
>  If you are installing from a netinst CD and you choose not to use a
>  mirror, you will end up with only a very minimal base system.
>  .
>  If you choose to also use a mirror and a package is available both on the
>  CD-ROM and on the mirror, the installer will only retrieve it from the

"it will be retrieved from the mirror"

I find the template a bit verbose and maybe hard to translate and fit
in one screen....maybe simplify the entire last paragraph.

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