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Re: [RFR] Proposal for installs without network connection

I've committed the needed changes for this in apt-setup. Code has been 
tested and seems to work. This includes a new template for which I'd 
appreciate a review before I make it translatable.

I've also uploaded a new version of cdrom-detect that makes sure 
apt-mirror-setup is installed; this also brings the code in line with 
iso-scan again.

Template: apt-setup/use_mirror
Type: boolean
Default: true
Description: Use network mirror?
 The next step of the installation will be to install additional packages
 based on tasks. As you are installing from CD-ROM, you have the option to
 use a network mirror as source to retrieve packages in addition to those
 available on the CD-ROM.
 If you are installing from a netinst CD and you choose not to use a
 mirror, you will end up with only a very minimal base system.
 If you choose to also use a mirror and a package is available both on the
 CD-ROM and on the mirror, the installer will only retrieve it from the
 mirror if the version of the package on the mirror is more recent than
 the one included on the CD-ROM.

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 21:45, Joey Hess wrote:
> Good so far, my only quibble is that cdrom/base_installable is kind of
> a not very useful abstraction over /cdrom/.disk/base_installable.

I have been thinking about that. The advantage of using it is that you 
only need to read it once and can then forget about worrying if the CD is 
still inserted or even random read errors.
I've not implemented it for now though.

> > 5) Add following functionality in apt-setup postinst if
> >    cdrom/base_installable is true:
> >    - copy debconf values for suite and codename from cdrom/ to
> > mirror/ - ask new question (with a nice explanation in its
> > description): a) use both normal mirror and mirror for security
> > updates b) use only mirror for security updates
> >      c) don't use network mirrors
> a. and b. seem confusible to me, could it be reduced to a boolean that
> just asks if it wants to use a mirror? IMHO we can leave security
> updates out of this; if there's a network the only sane action is to
> add the security sources.

OK. Implemented like that.

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