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Re: Persistent device names


> > Some enterprise-level storage systems have disk-level duplication
> > system, as such, filesystem-label-based mount-point would not be the
> > end-all way of approaching the problem.
> Can you describe which designs require this? I have never heard of
> such a setup, and I have some doubts that it's something that should be
> supported.

High-end storage systems available from EMC and HP (at least) have
mirror-copy and snapshot-copy features, which provides similar kind of
feature-set to LVM snapshots. With LVM snapshots it will be less
problem, because LVM volumes are somewhat more logical in its nature
and we will have persistent path with LVM names; making filesystem UUID moot.

However, for storage-based mirror-copy volumes, they will show up to
the operating system as different SCSI/FC disks with same filesystem
> > It might be less error-prone if bus/card info is used in addition to
> > the filesystem UUID.
> by-path names are unique enough, anyway.

by-path sounds like decently unique, as long as SCSI/FC cards are
detected in the same proper order.


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