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Re: Persistent device names

On May 17, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:

> - We should like to keep support for devfs and regular device names in
>   the installer; loosing that would mean no support for 2.2/2.4 installs
>   (although those are likely to be dropped anyway) and no support for
>   installs of Sarge and I think may be a problem for debian-edu.
>   However, if it is unavoidable, we could drop this requirement.
I would have loved to be able to remove support for devfs names from the
udeb, but this is not a big deal. Until now I have no reason to believe
that there will be any problem with keeping support for them in etch.
I am much more concerned that you are still considering to support
kernels older than 2.6.

> - Are there likely to be architecture specific issues with persistent
>   device naming?
> - Or with filesystems other than ext2/ext3?
Nothing I know about. "tree /dev/disk/" should give you some ideas.
by-label links are user friendly, but may become ambiguous if users
carelessly duplicate file systems using dd. by-uuid links have the same
problem *and* need a suitable identifier in the file system metadata.
by-id links are more unique but linked to the physical hardware (you
can't have it both ways...) and are a bit ugly.
by-path links are very descriptive and really unique, but are *really*
unique and will change if a disk is moved to a different bus position
or something like this.

> - Persistent device naming is mostly needed to get rid of errors on
>   reboot. Most common case is where a system has multiple disk
And is useful anyway to make administration simpler.

[SCSI disk + USB storage]
>   It seems to me that persistent device naming will probably fix fstab in

>   this case, but possibly not the grub configuration.
No clue about this.


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