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Re: dhcp3-client and D-I

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> Okay. I've had a preliminary play with ipconfig over the weekend. Seems
> relatively straightforward to slot it into netcfg's dhcp.c. What I need to
> understand is the necessity to set a vendor-class-identifier attribute in
> with the request, is this a nicety or a need-to-have? ipconfig won't do it.

It enables useful abilities like setting the appropriate default mirror
for all installs to a network. It's a new feature since sarge, so not
something a lot of people are using yet but very potentially powerful
and useful for larger networks.

Anyway, "good" news: The recent busybox change that dropped modutils
makes the i386 root floppy too large, triggering a lot of reorganisation
(and degraded functionality), after which we have enough free space on
there for the dhcp 3 client, so turn it back on and we can look at
including it.

Looks like netcfg already supports sending the vendor-class-identifier
with dhcp3. Are there any changes to the dhclient-script interface that
we will need to look out for?

see shy jo

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