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Re: dhcp3-client and D-I

On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 06:54:55AM +0200, Noèl Köthe wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 14.05.2006, 09:10 +1000 schrieb Andrew Pollock:
> Hello Andrew,
> we had the D-I BoF here at Debconf6 some hours ago.
> > > 1. the D-I will use 2 but 3 will be install on the system which is
> > > installed
> > 
> > Sounds good.
> Yes, but the idea was rejected. They want to use the same version which
> they want to install on the system (like the kernel, too).
> With the removal of the kernel 2.4 from the bootfloppies there might be
> more space on them but its not known how much exactly. Joeyh will check
> this but the only alternative then will be reducing the size with
> removing unneeded functions/extensions for the dhclient for the udeb
> (dhcp3-client-tiny;)).
> If I find out more I will inform you.

Okay. I've had a preliminary play with ipconfig over the weekend. Seems
relatively straightforward to slot it into netcfg's dhcp.c. What I need to
understand is the necessity to set a vendor-class-identifier attribute in
with the request, is this a nicety or a need-to-have? ipconfig won't do it.

The other thing that ipconfig doesn't currently do is send the hostname with
the request, which is an optional feature for some people on cable. That's
potentially fixable though, as one of the ways of invoking ipconfig includes
a hostname.

I've built a udeb from ipconfig, and twiddled with netcfg enough to test it
out, I've just been having some problems rebuilding d-i, but I'll try again
during the week.



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