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PowerPC request for help

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I'm interested in actually contributing to d-i (finally), and I noticed
that you've put out a request for the PowerPC architecture.  As I only
have a single StarMax 3000/160 I probably can't help with the entire
arch, but I can help with Old World Mac (and clones, obviously, since
the StarMax is a Motorola mac clone from the period when apple gave
there blessing to such endeavours).  I have a fair level of script and
C knowledge, but no experience with kernel, or deb/udeb packaging.  I
have been working on boot disks for i386 (from scratch, and I don't
mean cookbook LFS-type from scratch), so I have a fairly good
understanding of the linux boot process (though I still have to
learn mac-specific parts).  

(In fact I am trying to solve a d-i
problem for getting floppies with 2.6 kernels, within the d-i way; so
far I've gotten it to work non-d-i by using the ramdisk_xx kernel
parameters, but I haven't yet managed to get a small enough initramfs).

I would be best able to help with a more experienced mentor, and
probably my initial role would be (on Old World PPC Macs & Clones) to
test the installer regularly (weekly, semiweekly, daily?), tracking
installation reports, and reproducing, tracing, and (where knowledge
allows) resolving bugs.

I probably am not in a position to do the daily builds, since the
machine I would be testing the installer on is the only PPC I've got.

If you think I could be of assistance, please let me know.  I am
subscribed to the list, but a CC wouldn't hurt.
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