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Re: graphics or text as default?

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 15 May 2006 09:53, Stefano Canepa wrote:

	the CD images with both graphical and textual installer will run
graphical as default?

In the short run we will use the newt (text) frontend as default.
I feel we should wait at least until the new upstream libraries are available to switch to the gtk (gui) as default because with current libs the fonts can be distorted which is quite ugly. Given that the freeze for Etch will start fairly soon now, it may be that this means g-i default will only happen post-Etch.

What about using GTK libraries from CVS ? i386 experimental udebs i built some times ago proved to work well (better than 2.0.9 regarding fonts) and i can tell you the DFB backend they contain is much more robust than the one contained in 2.0.9 libraries (which was nothing more than an hacky set of patches applied to standard 2.0.9 GTK libraries, far away from being bugless). CVS 27-03-2006 snapshot i used to build udebs is the last known to work without patches, but there are some patches that need to be applied to make GTK's HEAD compile with the DFB backend i sent some times ago to Mike and that should be applied as soon as Mike founds the time to do it. A good compromise would be using GTK+ 2.9.0 sources with the above patches applied: i'll try to produce such a patchfile and to make it available togheter with i386 udebs from GTK 2.9.0 snapshot.



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