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Re: Proposal for integration of the graphical installer

Il giorno dom, 14/05/2006 alle 12.43 -0500, Christian Perrier ha
> > > I'm not really completely fond of these names, mostly because I find
> > > them hard to type on non US keyboards.
> > > 
> > > I would vote for "gui" and "gui-expert"...or "expert-gui"
> > 
> > Is the hyphen the problem? I've left that out currently.
> At least the hyphen can be a problem. It's actually pretty hard to
> find it on a laptop with a French keyboard mapped as a US keyboard.
> "gui" is perfect with that matter as this only involves keys that are
> in the same place on all keyboard layouts (except Dvorak, but noone
> cares about it for newbies..:-)))

Hyphen is a problem on Italian keyboard, too. So using only letters
could be better for us.

I liked the proposal to substitute expert with details or something
similar I don't think expert is correct as using expert* just enable d-i
to ask more questions.


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