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[G-I] Udeb dependency resolution issue resolved!

Hi all,

Today I've been able to upload cdebconf with updated dependencies and 
built the graphical installer *without any localudebs* :-)
This means we've finally arrived at the point where we can integrate the 
graphical installer into trunk.

If you build the graphical installer, please make sure that you clean 
localudebs and you should no longer use the 'update-localudebs' script.

Getting new versions of all the udebs with correct dependencies has taken 
a bit longer than initially expected. The main reason was that we had to 
work from the bottom up and could only do cbebconf after about 20 other 
packages had been fixed first. In some cases we've had to wait for the 
official packagers, although overall their cooperation has been 

I will discuss the integration with Joey in a bit and based on that write 
a proposal to the list for further discussion.


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