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partman-crypto: dm-crypt status update

Hi all,

Here's a short status update on the progress of adding dm-crypt support to partman-crypto.

The support is now at a stage where it is possible to perform a full crypto-on-root installation and to boot into the newly installed system.

This depends on:

o partman-crypto built from SVN
o base-installer built from SVN + patch from #365747
o cryptsetup built from SVN + a pending patch which adds update-initramfs to postinst
o libpopt0 udeb built with patch from #358671

all of these will be in the standard repository as soon as the maintainer uploads a new version of the relevant package.

The only known bug so far is that the /target filesystem isn't cleanly unmounted when it's on an encrypted partition. Any suggestions on where to start looking?

Next I'll be working on getting lvm-on-crypto working.


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