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Re: Running debian-installer from the command line?

Wouter Verhelst schrieb:
On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 10:01:31AM +0200, Joachim Durchholz wrote:

In that case, what you need is not debian-installer; rather, you'll be
wanting debootstrap, which allows you to install the required packages
to get the base system on a partition.
Note that debootstrap does not take care of installing ssh, a
bootloader, or anything else; that you have to do for yourself.

Right. Been there, done that, not much luck.

As I wrote, debootstrap won't cut it.
a) (Slight disadvantage) It doesn't have a way to preseed things as in debian-installer. (Well, I could tinker with the package list, and have done so already... but it's still *very* manual.) b) (Huge problem) When installing manually, I regularly screw up grub installation. Might be due to some misunderstanding on my part, or due to flaky hardware, or any other conceivable cause. debian-installer will run grub for me and (hopefully) Get It Right (TM).

Reason (a) wouldn't deter me, but reason (b) does.

So... what I'm really after is a way to skip all the boot machinery in debian-installer. It should still do everything else (hardware detection, partitioning, base configuration, package installation, and whatever else I forgot to mention).


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