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Please hint the following d-i related packages


A new version of parted is about ready to enter testing and should do so 
to clear the way for a next parted upload that has a bit more impact, 
including an ABI change.
Otavio (as parted maintainer) is OK with the migration.

The current version of parted in unstable adds RAID support for Sparc 
(courtesy of fabbione), so migrating parted will also add that support 
for d-i installations using udebs from testing.
To prevent Sparc users from overwriting their partition tables during 
installations from testing, some additional migrations of d-i packages 
are needed.

So please add the following hints:
unblock parted/
unblock partman-lvm/34
unblock partman-md/24
unblock silo-installer/1.04

All packages are the same age.


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