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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 12:25:32PM +0200, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> In any case working with less tension should be done.
> But do you think, it's interesting for Sven to work in this way.

What's "interesting for Sven" isn't really a consideration, what's
reasonable and efficient is. Once this has been tried for some time,
I'll be happy to reconsider whether it's effective; if it's going to be
dismissed out of hand, though, that indicates a lack of good faith.

> He should wait until Frans or someone else to see his work in the svn
> and with his knowledge about powerpc, I think lots of time will be lost
> and the work will be delay. 

There is no delay -- we distribute software to users via packages and
images produced from those packages, not svn repositories; and Sven was
explicitly requested to upload packages directly and immediately, with
the given provisos to ensure he doesn't block other people's ongoing work.

> > I expect we'll shortly need to look seriously into getting a few more
> > people actively working on maintaining the powerpc port as well; at the
> > moment we seem to be relying on Sven to do everything, and that's not
> > really ideal.
> Sure but looking after such of person is not easy and this person should
> have lots of exeperience with powerpc, d-i and debian.

No, there should not be a "this person" in that role -- maintaining an
architecture is a job for multiple people working together. Expecting
one person to do all of that is not reasonable, whether it's Sven or
anyone else.

> We have Sven, why not trying to do forget what append before and try to
> work together and not pointing on people everytimes.

Forgetting what happened is a good way to ensure it happens again, just to
remind you.


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