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Bug#366168: debian-installer: usbhid NOT loaded by udev at initrd stage = no keyboard on USB-only system

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > So usb-discover is not working then? It should load hid (it's not called
> > usbhid in 2.4) when it runs, unconditionally, assuming there is a
> > /proc/bus/pci/devices. Don't you have that file?
> Hard to tell without a way to logon to the system while it boots.

You could mount the initrd and modify usr/sbin/usb-discover to always 
load the module and set -x it at the same time.

> > > 2.6 kernels don't try finding any AT keyboard and forget usbhid too.
> > 
> > Until today when Kamion put it back in, we didn't have usb-discover on
> > 2.6 images, relying on just udev to load usb stuff for 2.6. It sounds
> > like udev is not working on your hardware; maybe you need to file a bug
> > on udev? 
> Based on today's kernels, I'm no longer sure of exactly what causes it.
> Are daily d-i builds based on experimental udev builds?

Daily d-i builds are based on unstable.

> Btw, one problem I notice with the USB stick recipe (as applied here to
> copying everything to the CF from which d-i gets launched) is that one
> cannot wipe off the installation media if that's where the ISO resides,
> because parted complains about the device being already mounted.

Yes, that's a limitation of hd-media installs.

> I tried
> having the ISO on the USB stick as an alternative, but that currently
> fails too, presumably because that's where the bootstrap kernel resides.

You should be able to partition the CF if the ISO is on USB.

see shy jo

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