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Bug#366168: debian-installer: usbhid NOT loaded by udev at initrd stage = no keyboard on USB-only system

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> 2.4 kernels waste time trying to find an AT keyboard that isn't there,
> then forget to load usbhid.

So usb-discover is not working then? It should load hid (it's not called
usbhid in 2.4) when it runs, unconditionally, assuming there is a
/proc/bus/pci/devices. Don't you have that file?

> 2.6 kernels don't try finding any AT keyboard and forget usbhid too.

Until today when Kamion put it back in, we didn't have usb-discover on
2.6 images, relying on just udev to load usb stuff for 2.6. It sounds
like udev is not working on your hardware; maybe you need to file a bug
on udev? 

I'm also interested in whether Kamion's change of adding usb-discover
back to the 2.6 images fixed the issue for you, since based on what you
said about 2.4 it seems usb-discover is also not working on your

BTW: What geode hardware exactly is it?

see shy jo

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