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Bug#366168: debian-installer: usbhid NOT loaded by udev at initrd stage = no keyboard on USB-only system

pe, 2006-05-05 kello 23:29 -0400, Joey Hess kirjoitti:
> Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > 2.4 kernels waste time trying to find an AT keyboard that isn't there,
> > then forget to load usbhid.
> So usb-discover is not working then? It should load hid (it's not called
> usbhid in 2.4) when it runs, unconditionally, assuming there is a
> /proc/bus/pci/devices. Don't you have that file?

Hard to tell without a way to logon to the system while it boots.

> > 2.6 kernels don't try finding any AT keyboard and forget usbhid too.
> Until today when Kamion put it back in, we didn't have usb-discover on
> 2.6 images, relying on just udev to load usb stuff for 2.6. It sounds
> like udev is not working on your hardware; maybe you need to file a bug
> on udev? 

Based on today's kernels, I'm no longer sure of exactly what causes it.
Are daily d-i builds based on experimental udev builds?

> I'm also interested in whether Kamion's change of adding usb-discover
> back to the 2.6 images fixed the issue for you, since based on what you
> said about 2.4 it seems usb-discover is also not working on your
> hardware.

So I tried with today's kernels. The problem is completely different:
it jams already while detecting /dev/hda and thus doesn't get around
loading any of the USB stuff at all (not even the USB stick where the
businesscard.iso resides).

Btw, one problem I notice with the USB stick recipe (as applied here to
copying everything to the CF from which d-i gets launched) is that one
cannot wipe off the installation media if that's where the ISO resides,
because parted complains about the device being already mounted. I tried
having the ISO on the USB stick as an alternative, but that currently
fails too, presumably because that's where the bootstrap kernel resides.

If my above understanding of how hd-media on a USB stick is supposed to
work is incorrect, then the documentation for the USB stick recipe needs
further precisions.

> BTW: What geode hardware exactly is it?

Artec Thin Can (www.thincan.com). This one is customized with the CF for
development purposes.  Standard products get the OS from PROM and copied
into a ramdisk at bootup. The exact Geode variant used is an SC2200.

Martin-Éric Racine

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