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Re: an awful lot of energy

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 03:42:31PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> In this case, actions speak louder than words. So, i await the restoration of
> the svn commit rights, but until then, it is clear that they want to get ride
> of me.
> The excuses they have put (that i would abuse the svn commit rights) are
> bordering on the insulting, and the fact they did it while i was at the
> sickbed of my dying mother show a complete lack of human decency.
> So, they may say many things, but it is actions that count.

Yes, you are right.

Right now we are telling "we don't like your attitude".
It is not told in written word, it is told by action. (actions do count)
The action is "ignore the whatever[1]"

The rest of this E-mail are an explanation of obvious things.

* Freedom of speech is good. 
  But it does not mean "Each speech has to be honoured"

* Each group has good members and better members
 - Addressing the group includes all members
 - Asking the group to do better, includes the member all ready doing so

* Each porter group has good porters and better porters
 - Addressing the group includes all porters
 - Asking the porters to do better, includes the porter all ready doing so
 - If the better porter feels offended by such request,
   then it is his point of view to feel offend

* Writing a resignation means writing a resignation.

* There is nothing wrong with "Hi, I'm back."

* Recieving a resignation letter means revoking things (keys, rights)
* Expressing feelings at a seperation is very hard.
 - Working together and then stop working together is strange, very strange
 - Saying "I'm glad that you leave" does no good.

* Holding a patch in hostage is holding a patch in hostage

* There is a difference between "being offended" and "feeling offended"


I think this is going to happen:

* Things go worse
* Someone thinks to fix a social problem by a technical thing,
  like a ban or expulsion
* I will miss your request for support, due being occupied elsewhere
* There will be a call for votes for expulsion/banning you
* I vote to keep you in. Only to express
  that "Kicking out those who think different doesn't help"
* You will be remembered as the one with the odd point of view.
  (and spending / draining an awful lot of energy proofing so )

All of this will go parallell with other things in life we care about.

Hopefully we can all find the right balance for it.

Geert Stappers

[1] person, angry person, live form, low live form;  take you pick.

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