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Re: busybox update - test results

On Sunday 16 April 2006 19:57, Bastian Blank wrote:
> I intend to do a busybox upgrade in the next days. As there was a lot
> of changes, the complete config needs to be rechecked if it includes
> anything which is necessary for d-i.

After building an i386 mini.iso with the new busybox, I ended up without 
framebuffer modules loaded.

I've compared boot of install with BOOT_DEBUG=3.

At first debug shell, new busybox complains:
   sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

The old busybox did not have that error and I think it's the root of the 
problem as missing framebuffer can be traced to:
which calls

The 'readlink /proc/self/fd/0' with the old busybox resulted 
in /dev/vc/... while the new busybox this probably returns /dev/console.

Installing the base system failed at "Creating device files" when trying 
to mount /target/proc with "Device or resource busy" (I was installing 
using LVM).
This either means that /target/proc was somehow not unmounted or that the 
behavior of mount has changed in that it now throws an error if a 
mountpoint is already in use.
Hmm. Trying to double mount /proc manually from shell results in error 
code 1 in old busybox and 255 in new, but an error in both cases...
Probably needs further investigation.

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