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Re: [D-I] Preparing for update in stable

On Friday 21 April 2006 10:14, Andreas Barth wrote:
> The question is however: should we try to keep the "old" udebs in
> stable also? Are they not overwritten by the point release? Or should
> we try to change stable so that we have two versions of the udebs in
> stable?

OK. As far as I'm concerned we've had a nice discussion about this and 
other options like not doing the update at all, but I'd really like to 
get back to business and make some progress.

For one, we still don't have the new kernel udebs in the s-p-u 
debian-installer/binary-i386 Packages file!

As for old images, we've always kind of accepted that some images would 
- the installer will scream loudly if it can't find matching
  kernel udebs (if the arch has an ABI in the kernel package name)
- full CD/DVD images are _not_ affected, so stuff from vendors just
  keeps working
- smaller images are relatively easy and cheap to replace

As for keeping old kernel versions (both debs and udebs and corresponding 
sources). From what I gather so far:
- it's not easy
- it will cause conflicts in package names, or at least source package
- it won't prevent all kinds of breakage
So, I suggest we forget about it for Sarge and if we want to try to do 
something like that for Etch, we'll have to spend a lot of time at 
debconf or elsewhere discussing possible solutions with representatives 
from kernel, FTP, release and d-i people involved.

As for not releasing a new stable d-i.
We will probably get in a position at some point where we really will want 
to. So it's better to just do it now and have the procedure in place than 
delaying the moment.

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