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Bug#274307: partman-ext3 not available in lowmem level 2

On Friday 31 March 2006 03:18, Sylvain Ferriol wrote:
> > During installation at medium priority some udebs are now listed that
> > were not listed before:
> > - debian-edu-install-udeb
> > - debian-edu-profile-udeb
> > - ltsp-client-builder
> medium priority is equal to expert mode or not ?

medium priority = debconf/priority=medium
expert = debconf/priority=low

For the purpose of anna they should be treated the same AFAIK though. The 
only difference would be that in expert mode the user is also asked for 
module parameters, while at priority=medium he is not.

Personally I use 'install debconf/priority=medium' very much for 
installation testing.

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