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Re: x86, linux26 not detecting RAID controller (but 2.4 kernel does)

--- Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:

> On Friday 17 March 2006 18:57, John M. Gabriele wrote:
> > After I enter the D-I, I can go to another virtual console,
> > but I don't seem to have the 'lspci' command available. How
> > else can I find this ID you're asking about?
> I would still recommend trying a Beta2 CD:
> - it may help determine if your problem is the result of missing driver
>   support in 2.6.8 that was solved in later kernels
> - it has lspci :-)
> Do you know what driver is needed (which driver does the 2.4 kernel use)?

Well, I'm not sure how to check that. After booting with the
2.4 kernel, the output from lsmod doesn't seem to mention anything
related to RAID/SCSI.

How can I tell which driver it's using?

Are the RAID and SCSI drivers separate?

> Can you load that driver manually by switching to VT2 and modprobing it?

(I'm guessing you mean after booting with linux26 here.)
How can I tell which driver I'm supposed to modprobe?
I'm looking in /lib/modules/2.6.8-2-386/kernel, and it looks
like there's some scsi drivers in there:


but I don't see anything about RAID anywhere.

How, in general, are we supposed to know the name of the driver
we want to load given the chipset name? Is there a utility that
can ask a driver which hardware it supports? Is there some central
search utility which we tell it our chipset and it directs us to
the driver we're looking for?

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