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Re: Indic scripts

On 2/14/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Davide Viti (zinosat@tiscali.it):
> > Hi Kakada,
> > I'm bringing the discussion to debian-boot, so that other people
> > can fill the missing gaps
> >
> > > Are there anything that I can contribute to make Khmer available for
> > D-I?
> >
> > I think the problem is that translations are missing (see [1]) : if
> > you can help with translations it would be great and I guess it would
> > not be a problem adding Khmer to the list of languages supported by
> > d-i/g-i.
> >
> > Bubulle: am I correct?
> Yes and No..:-)
> The Khmer translation effort is running, precisely by Kakada Hok..:-)
> However, even she translated over 50%, I have frozen its
> transition to udebs because of the upcoming beta release. This is the
> usual policy before a release.
> As soon as we will have released beta2, I'll remove "kh" from
> packages/po/PROSPECTIVE, which will open Khmer translations into
> udebs.
> Then, we will work on its correct integration in g-i (khmer cannot be
> displayed in text mode) by choosing the correct font...probably one
> font from ttf-khmeros, as this is already mentioned in the wiki.

it is important to understand that having the correct font is
not enough, that for rendering Khmer it is necessary to have complex
rendering support, either from Pango, Qt or ICU.

Have you checked on this?


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