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Re: RFS: SDLJump

Sven Luther wrote:
On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 01:25:17PM +0100, Xavier Oswald wrote:

On 13:08 Fri 17 Feb     , Sven Luther wrote:

On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 10:45:53AM +0200, Eddy Petri??or wrote:

What if we had in D-I a game-loader udeb that would scan th iso image,
local drive and sources.list apt sources and look for game udebs so
the user would _choose_ a game out of a set, and not :) allow :) the
D-I team to make the choice for _the_ game ;-)

D-I people, what do you think

Good idea, altough do you have a technical way we could scan for games ?

AFAIR, udebs don't have the section information, so we can't use that.
What if we we impose the restartiction that all game udebs have
"-game" in their names and use this info to select them?

game-<foo>.udeb maybe ? Or we could use a special XC-Game-Udeb header for this exact purpose ?

I think, it should not be so much game in the installer.
A special header will not be useful or ?

Have in D-I a game-loader is not very important, if we had 1 good game, it
should be enough. Something like 1 in graphical mode and 1 in text.

How much work will it be to do a game-loader and some udebs games.. ?
I'm thinking abour libSDL*, each game should be modified, and we need
libSDL udebs.

I already have tentative libSDL udeb, and Sam hocevar promised me to apply
them. I need to clean them up and send him the patches. Will do this WE.

I also already have a icebreaker .udeb, needs a bit more work, but i played
with it in g-i in extremadura.

To have multiple processes (cdebconf, GParted, GTK terminals, games..) accessing the same VT we'll need DFB's fusion kernel module packaged into an udeb.
Is someone working on packaging fusion?



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